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I was bored while hanging with friends the other day so I started to doodle.  

So I thought why not share it with you guys!  

These are the Tumblr Pon characters that came to mind for the classes of the D&D style Pathfinder game! XD   Some make more sense than others!

Dungeon Master Commoner - Out of Work Derpy

Wizard - apprenticemagescootaloo

Summoner - analog-byte

Rogue - askpiratedash

Sorcerer - Sailor Magic - asksailorponies

Witch - dungeonmasterbonbon (Should have made her DM »)

Cleric (of the Sea) - askseaponyluna

Monk - askhotbloodedpinkie

Druid - earthbound-applejack

Paladin - shieldmaidenrarity 

Fighter - stormsurgeanswers

Cavalier - inqusitivecolt

Alchemist - Cherry Soda - thecherrysodaaskblog

Barbarian - motherlyscootaloo (She has been angry alot lately XD)

Bard - asksteelstrings

Ranger - askpeonyponi (Druid would have fit better…)

Oracle (of Tongues) - demotivatedpinkiepie

(Oh, a paladin! Interesting choice.)

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