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Major overhaul ahead


There are some announcements that i need to make regarding the future of this blog:

  1. I will do some major changes regarding the layout of the blog in the following months and will merge my jester pinkie pie blog into this one, since i am simply unable to maintain multiple blogs at once. That might help me focus my drawing abilities a bit more. Also, i wanna make sure for improved readability and proper tagging. For this, i will properly format the first pictures i made and repost everything, so everything will be in proper order and looks fine and dandy. Also, proper background picture. Any suggestions for a nice one?
  2. Also, i will probably have even less time in the future to draw, since i will resume my studies in the next weeks. However, this might  be a good thing, since it will help me structure my day and get to drawing more efficiently. How this will work out, however, remains to be seen.

Thats all for now. Thank you very much.)


I wanted to include Cauliflower again. She’s a lot of fun. (in private things that you’re never going to see, ever). She’s with her guardian, Shield Maiden Rarity. (Not this universe’s Rarity, don’t flip out)

The walls between the worlds are thin at times. Allowing to watch a nice aerial show.

(Thank you very much! This is awesome! Go follow that blog!)

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